Finished Project: Bunnet (striped)

This hat has been knit just in time for the warm weather. It’s another project from Buachaille Seven Skeins 2015.

photo of knit hat

Overhead view of hat

The pattern uses a 2 x 2 tubular cast-on. This cast-on is fiddly, but gives the hat a perfectly firm yet stretchy edge.

photo of edging of hat

Pattern: Bunnet (striped) by Kate Davies
Beanie size
Needles: US 4, US 3
MC: Between Weathers, used 42 g
CC: Squall, used 6 g

Finished Project: Cochal

Right as 2015 was winding down, I was binding off the second project from Kate Davies’ Seven Skeins 2015 club.

knitted cowl

This cowl is perfect for those cold days when the wind wants to let you know it’s there. It’s been worn many times already (as has the first project, the Baffies).

The yarns: MC: Islay (teal) – approx. 40g
CC1: Haar (light grey) – approx. 42g
CC2: Highland Coo (reddish orange) – approx. 3 g

The needles: US 7, US 6

The cowl is roughly 9 inches wide and 10 inches long.

Finished Project: Baffies

When I saw that Kate Davies was making her own yarn, I could not resist and signed up immediately for her Seven Skeins Club. The club offered members seven 50-gram skeins (each in a different color) and seven weeks of patterns.

I can’t say enough good things about the way this club was put together. Every part and every detail are so well thought out. The patterns are designed to maximize the use of the 120-yard skeins and are delightful little projects. (I tend to do large, long-term projects, so the quick knits are a nice change.) She also offers pattern options like a stranded (two colors at a time) version and a striped version (one color at a time). AND a spreadsheet to track yarn usage. Although the club was a one-time event, the yarn and patterns will be made available to all.

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