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Houlland: Construction and Finishing

My current fascination with haps has a lot to do with how the haps are constructed. Houlland is put together by first knitting the bottom border back and forth to make a long skinny rectangle.

diagram of border

Then the shawl is knit upward from stitches picked up along the top of the border.

diagram of how body is knit

The triangular shape is formed by decreases on each end of every right-side row. These decreases have the effect of pulling the long bottom border up to form two sides of the triangle.

diagram showing how triangular shape is formed

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Interpreting Knitting Instructions: Binding Off in the Middle of a Row

In the last post, I mentioned that Knitwear Design Workshop by Shirley Paden is my guide to my latest sweater knitting adventure.

I calculated all the bind-off and decreases for the armholes, neck, and shoulder. At the beginning of the neck shaping, the usual instruction would be:

With RS facing, work 34 stitches in pattern, BO 24 stitches, work remaining 34 stitches in pattern. 68 stitches remain.

diagram of sweater front

Sweater Front Schematic

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A Primer of Sock Construction

I recently made a pair of re-soleable socks and that got me thinking about different sock constructions and pattern reading. Do you read through unfamiliar patterns before starting them, or do you dive right in? Much like driving to a new destination, I look at a map to see where I’m going before I get in the car. However, if the pattern is complicated or has a lot of new techniques one can get lost in the details and not see the big picture.

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Double Increase #5

(from Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top)

I’m currently knitting a simple raglan pullover from the top down using the recipe in Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top. The yarn for the sweater is a blend of merino, silk, and
angora…lightweight with a soft halo. Instead of knitting in stockinette, I decided to use a simple stitch pattern to give the pullover a bit of texture.

Pullover Stitch Pattern

(unblocked photo of stitch pattern – you can tell it’s been sitting in my knitting bag!)

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