Finished Project: Bandera

Since a lot of my knitting projects are long term, it’s nice have an instant-gratification project going at the same time to keep the knitting moving along. Bandera, a sweet little kerchief, is one of those projects. It reminds me of the patterns in a gansey (or guernsey) pullover, which is on my knitting to-do list.

pic of finished kerchief from pattern

Bandera by Emily Butzi for Tolt Yarn and Wool’s Camp Tolt collection

The plan was to knit this out of hand-spun yarn. Because it’s a knit for the neck, I chose a Merino cross fleece. This fleece is grey at the bottom of the locks and brown at the top.

photo of washed and combed fleece

Hand-combing in progress

When spun, the brown dominates and the grey gives the singles a heathery vibe. These singles give the most accurate picture of the color of the yarn.

photo of spun singles on bobbins

All the singles, ready to ply

I spun the yarn worsted-style to make a more durable yarn. Not only because the kerchief is an outerwear piece, but also because the staple lengths of the fiber were rather short (less than 3 inches). The choice of using three plies was to make a rounder yarn so the patterns formed by the knits and purls would pop and not get lost in the heathery-ness of the yarn.

photo of close up of 3-ply yarn

I should have taken a photo of the skein before the twist was set. The tight crimp of this wool shortened the length of the skein by a couple of inches!

photo of skein of yarn

A squooshy 550 yards (pre-washed) of 3-ply

Bandera is knit from a series of easy-to-follow charts, making it a good pattern for someone who wants to learn to how use a chart.

photo of knit kerchief

I used roughly half of the yarn, so there’s enough left for another Bandera or a matching hat.

Bandera by Emily Butzi
Needle size: US 5
Yarn: handspun 3-ply, 80g, approx. 250 yds
Finished size: 42 inches long by 9 inches tall

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