Current Knitting: Haps, Haps, Haps

Sometime last year, I started knitting Gudrun Johnston’s Hansel. Here was the progress from a month or two ago. All that was left was one-quarter of the border.

picture of mostly knit hap

Looking at it now, a yellow or orange strip between the dark blue strips would be interesting. Next time!

It currently awaits only the final weaving in of the ends and a good blocking. But where to block what will be a 54.75-inch square?

This is where taking almost a year to finish the hap has come in handy! In the time since I started knitting this, Kate Davies announced her newest project, The Book of Haps. As part of the book’s launch, she has kindly included instructions on her blog for building a hap stretcher. Yes, please! A vertical blocking area is much better than a horizontal one for something of this size.

All but one of the materials have been acquired and conversions to inches and adjustments to the schematic have been made. The next step is to measure and drill!

picture of hap stretcher materials

6-ft lengths of pine, wooden knobs, dowel pins

Although The Book of Haps has arrived, I have not yet read any of the essays, but very much look forward to doing so.

picture of The Book of Haps

The book is getting used though; I’ve started knitting Houlland.

screenshot of Ravelry pattern page for Houlland

The recommended yarn for this triangular hap is Jamieson & Smith’s Shetland Supreme 2-Ply Lace Weight.

picture of a ball of J&S Shetland Supreme Lace Weight

It’s a lovely yarn to knit with and I’m having fun with this pattern. The construction order of Houlland is the reverse of that for Hansel. For Hansel, the interior square is knit first and then the border is knit around the perimeter of the square. For Houlland, the border is knit first and then the main part of the hap is added from the border.

picture of part of the border of Houlland

Seven points (repeats) down and 56 to go.

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