Spinning Roundup

Spinning has been occurring in the house of Fiddlehead on a regular basis, making me one  happy fiber fanatic!

CSAshareMysteryWool in progressBriarRose in progress

The taupe yarn at the left above is a blend of Shetland (Susie), Mohair (Sophie), and Alpaca (Ecmus) from Gilead Fiber Farm. This fiber has a little bit of everything I like…luster, halo, and softness. I decided to spin it woolen style (modified long draw.) The final yarn is two plies, 345 yards, and weighs 5.46 oz. That works out to be roughly 1,011 yards per pound, or a worsted-weight yarn.

CSA share yarn

The yarn with the greens is 6.8 oz (did not record the yardage) of a mystery fiber that I dyed before spinning. I think it is Gilead Fiber Farm fiber.

The dye job was inspired by a trip through the woods in the early spring. I wanted to try to capture some of the first colors that the trees and shrubs get before they start leafing out…the silvers and all the different greens. After dyeing a light green, a medium green, a dark green, and a silver, I divided each color in half, one half for each ply. Then for each ply, I divided each color in half again and spun the colors in the order shown by the balls in the pic above (clockwise, starting with the medium green at 12 o’clock). Again, I used a modified long draw.

Mystery Wool yarn

The last yarn is 4.3 oz of Polwarth from Briar Rose Yarns. I split the braid in half lengthwise and spun each half worsted-style, starting with the same end of the fiber both times. There are roughly 600 yards of 2-ply yarn, making it a fingering/heavy laceweight.

Briar Rose yarn

There’s more to come, as the spinning madness continues!

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