Finished Project: Moon Pulls

According to the records, this sweater was started in November 2014.

picture of pattern cover

Since then I knit this particular project more than once (but less than twice) resulting in one sweater. Ouch. My measurements usually put me between two sizes in any given sweater pattern. This pattern called for a bit of ease, so I chose the size just above my actual size. It wasn’t enough ease. Trying on version 1.0 of the sweater, reminded me of the moment Bruce Banner changes into the Hulk and his shirt rips apart. So the sweater sat for a while before being ripped, the yarn washed, and the project restarted. This is one reason why top-down sweater construction rocks.

It was finally bound off and blocked in January of this year. And now it fits. My photographer wasn’t available to take a modeled shot, but here’s the final version.

pic of finished sweater

The pattern was well-written and is a nice first colorwork project. I’ll be happy to have this to wear next winter!

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