Current Knitting: Shale Baby Blanket

The red scarf is currently soaking and will soon be blocked, dried, fringed, and sent off. So I’m on to the next deadline-sensitive project, the Shale Baby Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed. I doubt it will be done before the new little person arrives, but soon enough to use over the winter.

This is about 10 inches of knitting (a quarter of the way done.)

This is about 10 inches of knitting (a quarter of the way done.)

This is another pattern (the red scarf being the other) with an easy-to-remember four-row repeat. It may look complicated, but only one row is where all of the fiddly work magic happens. The other three rows are simply knitting the knits and purling the purls and yarn-overs. The fabric is coming out nicely using US 5’s (3.75 mm). And because the yarn is sport-weight instead of worsted-weight, I’m knitting 10 repeats of the shale motif instead of the 7 repeats dictated by the pattern.

The yarn is a proper wooly-wool: Imperial Stock Ranch’s Tracie Too in 46 Quail. It’s a soft-ish, but not soft enough to not be durable, 3-ply. Another good go-to yarn. It is perfectly suited for making nice warm hats or a sweater.

I’m estimating that the blanket won’t take quite 4 skeins to complete. Those 4 skeins won’t knit themselves, so it’s back to the knitting!

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