Finished Project: Baffies

When I saw that Kate Davies was making her own yarn, I could not resist and signed up immediately for her Seven Skeins Club. The club offered members seven 50-gram skeins (each in a different color) and seven weeks of patterns.

I can’t say enough good things about the way this club was put together. Every part and every detail are so well thought out. The patterns are designed to maximize the use of the 120-yard skeins and are delightful little projects. (I tend to do large, long-term projects, so the quick knits are a nice change.) She also offers pattern options like a stranded (two colors at a time) version and a striped version (one color at a time). AND a spreadsheet to track yarn usage. Although the club was a one-time event, the yarn and patterns will be made available to all.

So what about the yarn, Buachaille? The 2-ply yarn is absolutely lovely with just the perfect amount of twist for the wool. Soft yet strong and so wooly! I’m already dreaming of a sweater in this yarn when it comes out in larger amounts.

close up pic of Buachaille Yarn

about 8 twists per inch

Today was the last week of pattern releases, but due to the deadline knitting projects, I’ve only completed the first week’s project, Baffies (aka house slippers). This is a cool pattern. The sock is knit toe up with a neat heel construction. Look out for more baffies here in the near future.*

They look weird set down flat, but fit perfectly!

They look weird set down flat, but fit perfectly!

This pair was knit on US 3 needles and used 36 g of the MC (Highland Coo – the red) and 20 g of the CC (Squall – the gray).

* An added bonus is that handspun and project left-overs will work well with many of the Buachaille patterns.

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