One Project Ends and Another One (or Two) Begins

The CVM/Alpaca sweater is finally complete. The swatch didn’t lie, the maths worked out, and a sweater that fits appeared. This is getting a lot of wear with the current cold snap.

photo of knitted sweater

Speaking of the bitter cold, I wish this next project was done already.

picture of pattern cover

This sweater was started with the intent that it would be done by the time the bitter cold arrived…in January! It’s been under 30 degrees Fahrenheit here this week but the usual high temps are in the low 50s. Yikes.

No yarn substitutions for this project. It’s all* the way Lopi. THE single ply Icelandic. Lopi is not for next to the skin, but it is wonderfully wooly.

picture of yarn ball

This yarn was purchased online from Tolt Yarn and Wool. They have really terrific customer service (fast shipping, nicely packaged) and an absolutely lovely selection of natural yarns.

For this project, I brought out the wood needles. There is something so texturally satisfying about wood needles and this yarn. Although I have a few projects with Fair Isle elements completed, I am still learning the finer points of knitting with two yarns at the same time. I’m a continental knitter (knit with working yarn in my left hand) and my first project was knit while holding both working yarns with the left hand. The next project was knit with one yarn in the left and the other in the right. Here’s the video that introduced me to the idea. Much better tension-wise.

This project, I learned that it makes a difference which yarn goes with which hand, aka yarn (or color) dominance. On the first try, I held the white yarn in my right hand and the little white diamonds weren’t as prominent. So ripping ensued and I tried again with the white yarn in the left hand et voila!

picture of knitting


As of today, I have the colorwork portions of the sleeves and body complete and am working upwards!

* What is that grey peeking out at the blue bottom of the sleeves? The pattern instructions have a lining yarn at the base of the sleeves and the neck. The author recommends a gorgeous merino/cashmere/silk blend, but I happened to have a skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight baby alpaca that will work just as well.

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