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Sweater Knitting Progress (with seaming)

The CVM Alpaca sweater is nearing completion. The second sleeve is almost knit up to the cap shaping. Because the pattern relied on my arithmetic skills, I decided to see how the first sleeve fit in before knitting the second sleeve.

photo of partially complete sweater

It fits! Not only did the armhole shaping match up with the sleeve cap shaping, but it is the fit I intended. I’m still deciding on how to work the neck…maybe some sort of crochet edging or a simple rolled edge?

In other knitting progress, I got into a seaming groove and completed Raiun. Final details will be forthcoming.

Sweater Knitting Progress

Knitting on the CVM Alpaca sweater continues. The front and back are done and one sleeve is about halfway knit. I did take a short break from knitting to seam the front and back together. The stitch pattern is a lace ribbing and I was a bit unsure of how it big it would block out.

The pieces were quickly blocked (i.e., the lace parts were not carefully blocked, thus the wonky holes below) and then seamed together.

photo of part of sweater

Not only did everything fit together properly, but it is the intended size. Whew!

Interpreting Knitting Instructions: Binding Off in the Middle of a Row

In the last post, I mentioned that Knitwear Design Workshop by Shirley Paden is my guide to my latest sweater knitting adventure.

I calculated all the bind-off and decreases for the armholes, neck, and shoulder. At the beginning of the neck shaping, the usual instruction would be:

With RS facing, work 34 stitches in pattern, BO 24 stitches, work remaining 34 stitches in pattern. 68 stitches remain.

diagram of sweater front

Sweater Front Schematic

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