Marushka Farms Yarn

Attending different fiber festivals has greatly increased my awareness of the yarns being created from the flocks of individual farms. This yarn is often from a single and specific breed of sheep. And sometimes, you even get to know the names of the animals that grew the wool.

photo of yarn tag with sheep names

Earlier this year, I obtained a beautiful raw CVM/Romeldale fleece from Marushka Farms. More on that fleece at a later date. Then I found out recently that Marushka Farms also has yarn made from their fleeces.

photo of a light and a dark skein of yarn

Top yarn: 80% CVM/Romeldale and 20% silk;
Bottom yarn: 75% CVM/Romeldale and 25% alpaca

Along with 100% CVM/Romeldale yarn, the farm also blends their wool with other fibers like alpaca, silk, and bamboo and has the blends made into roving and yarn. I’ve worked with 100% CVM/Romeldale yarn before, so I decided to try out two of their blended yarns (above).

I really like the choices the farm made with the blends, yarn weights, and plying. The natural colors of their sheep are really fantastic and make beautiful yarn. So far, I’ve swatched the blend with the alpaca on US 5’s (3.75 mm). It feels like the yarn will create a resilient, comforting, and cosy fabric. Perfect for a sweater!

photo of knitted swatch

So if you haven’t yet explored these yarns produced by individual farms, please consider getting out there and find them! Supporting these shepherds and their farms helps keep these breeds around.

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