Monthly Archives: September 2014

Current Knitting and Thinking about Sweater Design

Rauin has not been completed. All that remains is finishing work: weaving in the ends, seaming the neck pieces together and then to the body. I usually do all of my finishing work at once without interruption, and haven’t found the chunk of time to do the job. Perhaps this weekend?

Instead, I started a new pullover with the CVM/Alpaca yarn from Marushka Farms based on this swatch.

photo of knitted swatch

This yarn was intended for a sweater but I hadn’t chosen a pattern and wanted to knit with the yarn, hence the swatch above. I liked the swatch so much I got out a “guidebook” and am knitting a sweater that way rather than from a pre-made pattern.

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Recent Spinning: Rambouillet-Columbia Cross

To be honest I almost passed on this fleece, but am glad I didn’t. I’ve recently taken to buying crosses as well as single breed fleece. Crosses are how we get new breeds and it’s interesting to find a cross and recognize the characteristics that belong to each of the breeds involved. It’s particularly nice when the cross combines your favorite characteristics from the breeds.

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Raw Wool to Dyed Yarn: Tunis

American Tunis is a solid medium wool. By that I mean that it is medium soft and has a decent staple length, crimp, and lock structure. It’s an excellent choice for making mittens, socks, or the sweater that one pairs with a favorite turtleneck or other undershirt. Tunis has some luster and takes dye very well. Yes, solid and good qualities.

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