New Fleece: Columbia-Rambouillet

At a recent sheep and wool festival, I saw this interesting ram’s fleece: a Columbia crossed with Rambouillet.

Columbia Rambouillet Cross Fleece

It’s a pretty big fleece, partly because it’s unskirted. This sheep’s fleece was sheared and put into a bag as is––no removal of second cuts, no removal of cotted (felted) bits, and no removal of dags (poo tags).

Undesirable parts of fleece

The trifecta of undesirable wool

So I skirted, removing the above and parts like this:

Really bad part of fleece

Good mulch material for the garden!

It wasn’t awful, but the experience surely makes me appreciate what the shepherds do for handspinners.

I’ve only washed a handful of the wool so far, but it seems to be on the coarse side of a fine wool or on the fine side of a medium wool. In other words, some pretty nice wool.

Columbia Rambouillet lock

These locks are about 3 1/4 inches long. The black tips at the bottom of the lock are curious. There appears to be no weakness in the lock, but we’ll see once I begin processing the fleece.

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