Current Spinning: Rambouillet & Alpaca

Rambouillet is a close relative of Merino with a staple length of 2–4 inches. A few years back, I bought my first raw Rambouillet fleece. That fleece was white and had a staple length that was generous enough to comfortably comb. It was so soft and springy.

The chocolate Rambouillet fleece I have now has plenty of bits that are just over 1 inch long. It’s just not suitable for combing. This wool has great crimp and bounce.

close up photo of Rambouillet lock

I drum carded a bit of it and it was ok, but the batt was a bit dense for my taste. What would happen if some alpaca was added to the mix?

photo of Rambouillet locks and alpaca fiber

Top: Rambouillet locks, Bottom: Alpaca fiber

I added enough alpaca to the batt to get a 50/50 blend by weight. The batt became lighter. A few nepps here and there, but not bad considering the amount of spring in the Rambouillet.

photo of Rambouillet and Alpaca batt

To spin, I tore the batt into thin strips and used a short forward draw. It was easy enough to pick out the few nepps and some VM. The alpaca added a silky softness to the feel of the yarn.

photo of finished yarn

Skein Stats
2-ply spun short forward draw
~ 40 yards/12 grams (0.42 oz)
sport weight
50% Rambouillet/50% Alpaca (by weight)

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