Monthly Archives: May 2014

Current Spinning: Rambouillet & Alpaca

Rambouillet is a close relative of Merino with a staple length of 2–4 inches. A few years back, I bought my first raw Rambouillet fleece. That fleece was white and had a staple length that was generous enough to comfortably comb. It was so soft and springy.

The chocolate Rambouillet fleece I have now has plenty of bits that are just over 1 inch long. It’s just not suitable for combing. This wool has great crimp and bounce.

close up photo of Rambouillet lock

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Current Knitting: Raiun

I’m still working on the body, but it’s getting closer.

photo of sweater body

One of the reasons I prefer a top-down approach to sweater knitting is that you can easily try it on as you go and make adjustments as needed. I’ll have to recheck the washed swatch gauge when I get close to the bottom so that the length works.

Isn’t the ribbing detail along the back a nice touch? The paired increases and decreases make a nice line.

photo of sweater back