Current Spinning: Shetland/Mohair

This latest spinning is a departure from my usual, hand-combed 100% wool. I’ve been experimenting with adding other natural fibers like mohair and alpaca to wool. Mohair can add sheen and strength to your yarn. Alpaca can add softness and warmth. Not to mention that these fibers come in wide variety of fantastic natural colors. Just think of the possibilities!

Now unless the fibers are the same length, blending them by combing doesn’t work so well. Combing aligns the fibers and makes them all the same length, removing the shorter fibers. For this Shetland and Mohair a carded prep was the way to go. Here are the fibers in their raw (but washed) state. Don’t these two look like a great match up?

Shetland and Mohair Locks

(Oatmeal Shetland (L) and Off-White Mohair (R))

After a little flicking and picking to open up the locks, the fibers were combined on a drum carder into a batt. The blend is 75% Shetland/25% Mohair by weight.

Shetland Mohair Batt

(Rolled up batt (L), unfolded batt (R))

Not being able to break all of my usual habits, I used a diz and threader to make the batt into roving. The blended fiber was so nice to draft and spin. The color is fabulous as is, but I wonder how the off-white color would look overdyed.

Shetland Mohair Yarn

Final stats:
1.98 ounces of 75% Shetland/25% Mohair
2-ply DK weight
~155 yards

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