Knitting Progress: Raiun

Shortly after my last post, I ripped out the knitting for the neck band and started over. I forgot to slip the first stitch of every row. This is critical because there are no picked up stitches for the open fronts of the cardigan and will look like utter crap if the stitches aren’t slipped.

Also I was a wee bit concerned that the live stitches of the provisional cast on would be difficult to get at because of the weight of the yarn. So when I cast on this time, I used the “COWYAK” method: long tail cast on with your waste yarn, work a few rows in the waste yarn, then just starting working with your project yarn.

photo of knitted neckband pieces

The above shows the right and left neckbands. Later on, those orange and yellow bits of yarn will be removed to reveal the live stitches and seamed together.

After the back neck pieces are knit, they are connected by casting on stitches for the arms and back. Here’s a little bit farther in the knitting, working my way down to the armholes. Efficient construction, isn’t it?

photo of knitting

When you see this project again, I’ll be at the armholes!

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