CVM: The Finished Skein

Final stats:

4 ounces of hand-combed CVM
spun short forward draw
about 400 yards of 2-ply
creamy in color

pic of CVM finished skein

I noticed that when prepping and spinning that the fiber with the yellow still had quite a bit of lanolin on it. I suspect it is excessive yolk rather than a canary stain. Since the fiber is sound, there are no worries and this skein will be headed for the dyepot at some point.

The big story here is the amount of elasticity and loft. The wool was spun worsted-style, but look at how much the singles plumped up. There is a fabulous amount of spring when I squeeze and release the skein. Can you imagine how great this wool would be for a cabled sweater? (Actually, I have some CVM/Romeldale spun from some pre-prepared roving into a 3-ply yarn for exactly this purpose.)

A close up pic of the finished yarn

Compare the CVM with the Corriedale from the last spinning experience. Spun similarly, but the CVM really expanded upon washing.

pic of yarn close up pic of Corriedale yarn


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