A Primer of Sock Construction

I recently made a pair of re-soleable socks and that got me thinking about different sock constructions and pattern reading. Do you read through unfamiliar patterns before starting them, or do you dive right in? Much like driving to a new destination, I look at a map to see where I’m going before I get in the car. However, if the pattern is complicated or has a lot of new techniques one can get lost in the details and not see the big picture.

So here’s my “big picture” look at sock construction. There are 4 basic constructions for socks covered below: top-down, bottom-up, afterthought heel, and the re-soleable sock. Hope this encourages you to try sock knitting!

Top-Down Sock Construction
Map of Top-Down Sock Construction     

Bottom-Up Sock Construction
Map of Bottom-Up Sock Construction

Re-Soleable Sock Construction
Map of Re-Soleable Sock Construction

Afterthought Heel Sock Construction
Map of Afterthought Heel Sock Construction

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