WIP: Fish

One of my (many) current knits-in-progress is the Fish blanket by Jana Huck. Go ahead and take a look. It’s cool, right?

Even though there will be miles and miles of seaming (each fish is knit individually), I could not resist this pattern. I’m working it up in a light worsted weight yarn in green, yellow, and orange.

Cakes of Yarn

Yes, it’s kind of seventies, but this yarn is dyed only with plant material. The green is from
Purple Basil modified with a touch of ammonia, the yellow is from Marigold, and the orange is from Coreopsis. All were mordanted with alum.

Here’s how a few fish look knit up and seamed together:

Fish Seamed Together

Three unblocked fishies seamed…tons to go!

So far, only 19 fish are knit, but I will hold off on the seaming. Not because of
procrastination, but because the yarn doesn’t have all the same hue or saturation and I want to “dry” fit the blanket before seaming.

About the Pattern

This pattern digs deep into the knitter’s toolbox. Cast-ons, bind-offs, short rows, increases, decreases, cutting your knit fabric, and seaming, lots and lots of seaming.

But do not fear! The pattern, delivered as a 15-page pdf file, is very well written. Ms. Huck walks you through step-by-step.

Here are the general details:

Each fish is knit individually from a color-coded chart. The color coding makes the chart a lot easier to read.

The shaping of the fish is achieved through the clever use of cast-ons, bind-offs, short rows, increases, and double and triple decreases. There are clear written instructions, with
pictures, of how to do each of these.

Not only are instructions for knitting techniques provided, but seaming instructions are
included too! Again, Ms. Huck provides detailed written and visual instructions for how to seam the fish together.

And yes, there is some cutting involved to finish the project as a nice tidy rectangle. And of course, this process is covered in detail in the pattern.

This blanket is a perfect long-term, “pick it up and-put it down” project. Knit up fish here and there, eventually having enough for a blanket!

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