Daily Archives: April 25, 2013

Most-Used Fiber Prep Tool

One of the things I like about fiber prep and spinning is that there are so many different ways to get to a finished yarn. And I like to hear people’s preferences and methods. It’s
always interesting and I usually learn something new.

When working from a raw fleece, I usually spin from one of three different preps: opened locks, combed fiber, or carded fiber. Because I try to clean a fleece as soon as it gets home and may not know which prep will be used before spinning, I wash fleece to retain lock
formation. Another perk to washing this way is that I’ve already removed a lot of the vm,
second cuts, and other undesirables.

As the clean fleeces are in lock formation, the flick carder (or flicker) is the first tool I pick up when prepping for spinning.

Picture of Flick Carder

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