Double Increase #5

(from Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top)

I’m currently knitting a simple raglan pullover from the top down using the recipe in Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top. The yarn for the sweater is a blend of merino, silk, and
angora…lightweight with a soft halo. Instead of knitting in stockinette, I decided to use a simple stitch pattern to give the pullover a bit of texture.

Pullover Stitch Pattern

(unblocked photo of stitch pattern – you can tell it’s been sitting in my knitting bag!)

In Ms. Walker’s top-down raglan recipe, she gives 10 different double increases for the raglan seam. Here they are swatched in good old Cascade 220. Click each picture to see closer detail.

10 Double Increases

Double Increase 1 Double Increase 2 Double Increase 3 Double Increase 4 Double Increase 5 Double Increase 6 Double Increase 7 Double Increase 8 Double Increase 9 Double Increase 10

For the pullover, I wanted a raglan seam that would go well with this texture. So after some sample knitting, I decided to go with Double Increase #5:

Pullover with Double Increase 5

More of this sweater to come later. It’s coming along slowly but surely.

How To for Double Increase #5

Step 1 Knit to the seam (center) stitch.

Visual for Step 1

Step 1 of Double Increase 5

(After a few rows of increases have been worked, the straight line of stitches created by the double increases indicates which stitch is the center stitch.)

Step 2 Insert the right needle into the right leg of the stitch directly below the seam stitch.

Visual for Step 2

Step 2 of Double Increase #5

Step 3 Place this stitch on the left needle.

Visual for Step 3

Step 3 of Double Increase #5

Step 4 Knit into the back of this stitch, keeping this stitch on the left needle.

Visual for Step 4

Step 4 of Double Increase #5

Step 5 Then knit into the front of this stitch.

Visuals for Step 5

Step 5a of Double Increase #5

(Insert right needle into front of stitch.)

Step 5b of Double Increase #5

(Knit the stitch.)

Step 5c of Double Increase #5

(Slip the stitch from the row below off the needle.)

Step 6 Knit the seam (center) stitch.

Visual for Step 6

Step 6 of Double Increase #5

…and voila! A neat set of double increases with no holes.

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