Finished Project: Bandera

Since a lot of my knitting projects are long term, it’s nice have an instant-gratification project going at the same time to keep the knitting moving along. Bandera, a sweet little kerchief, is one of those projects. It reminds me of the patterns in a gansey (or guernsey) pullover, which is on my knitting to-do list.

pic of finished kerchief from pattern

Bandera by Emily Butzi for Tolt Yarn and Wool’s Camp Tolt collection

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Houlland: Construction and Finishing

My current fascination with haps has a lot to do with how the haps are constructed. Houlland is put together by first knitting the bottom border back and forth to make a long skinny rectangle.

diagram of border

Then the shawl is knit upward from stitches picked up along the top of the border.

diagram of how body is knit

The triangular shape is formed by decreases on each end of every right-side row. These decreases have the effect of pulling the long bottom border up to form two sides of the triangle.

diagram showing how triangular shape is formed

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Hap Stretcher: Modifications

When building the hap stretcher, I deviated a bit from the construction instructions since the supplies available here were slightly different from those in the materials list.

Material mods

  • 4 lengths of select pine (1-2-6), i.e. 6’ long, 1-1/2” wide, and 3/4” deep
  • 4 round wood knobs (1.5-inch)
  • 72 dowel pins (1/4″ x 1-1/4”)
  • 4 hex bolts (1/4″-28 x 1-1/4″), i.e. a 1-1/4” long bolt with a 1/4” diameter and a fine thread
  • 4 hex nuts (1/4”)

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Current Projects: More on Haps

There are now four haps projects in progress.

The first is unchanged. Ends still need woven in and blocking still needs to happen for the Hansel hap.

The hap stretcher is well on its way. All that is left is a light sanding of any glue that didn’t get wiped off when putting in the dowel pins and a coating of polyurethane. I made modifications to the original construction instructions based on the materials that were available and will post the mods here on the blog when I get a chance.

Dry fit of hap stretcher

Dry fit of hap stretcher

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Current Knitting: Haps, Haps, Haps

Sometime last year, I started knitting Gudrun Johnston’s Hansel. Here was the progress from a month or two ago. All that was left was one-quarter of the border.

picture of mostly knit hap

Looking at it now, a yellow or orange strip between the dark blue strips would be interesting. Next time!

It currently awaits only the final weaving in of the ends and a good blocking. But where to block what will be a 54.75-inch square?

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